I know you're busy, and probably, a bit nervous, too. We don’t want to think about what happens when we pass ---- until there’s that one moment, that time in our life where we wonder what might happen to our loved ones when we’re gone. I relate to this, and often counsel my clients when they do wonder about the future.

I don’t want to press things or make anyone feel uncomfortable, so I say what I hope someone I trust would say to me: “Don’t let your fear or anxiety affect the decisions you can make right now.” I think that’s a powerful opportunity to take the moment you have, and build on it. It’s a point where you can take action.

I have experience helping clients at all point in their lives plan for the future. Are you a single parent? A family looking to buy a home? A gay couple looking to plan for a life together? Have you recently lost a loved one? 

I can help you with wills, trusts, estates, and probate. I can do this at a competitive cost that will fit with monthly expenses. I do this because I know so many families in Florida are struggling, and I know they need solid, cost conscious advice from someone with experience. 

I have ten years of experience drafting wills, trusts, and estates, and I have that same amount of experience as a young professional, living with stagnating wages and the increasing cost of living. If you have questions about estate planning and probate, I invite you to click on our fees page, and to give me a call. I will schedule a time to sit down, and we can talk about your vision for the future.