When did the American Dream start for you? Were you in interested in the country from a young age? Searching for a more open life? A new opportunity?

Many immigrants started here with such dreams, and I consider it my professional duty to help you achieve them. I represent clients applying for green cards, work visas, citizenship and asylum. I accept 50 clients per year, and limit my representation to these clients in a thoughtful, cost effective manner. When I quote you a fee for your case, I will not raise it or change fees absent a significant change in the circumstances in your case. 

I will continually be available to my clients, and once I accept your case, I am a phone call away. I provide my clients information and access to their case at all times, and I believe service to them is my number one priority. I am currently accepting new clients in the San Francisco and Tampa Bay Area, contact me today to learn more about our work.