LGBT Representation

So much in our country has changed. Opinion polls point to greater acceptance of LGBT neighbors, friends, and family. Our rights have progressed, and we are living in a time where LGBT people lead in the arts, business, and government. People coming out to their friends and family made this happen, and the cause for equal rights continues to build momentum,  

I'm a gay man, and I'm optimistic. I know progress will continue, and some day soon, all LGBT people will have equality in public life. I also know, though, that this will not just come with time. It will take action and dedicated people to advocate for fair application of the law.  I want to be one of those advocates.

I am interested in addressing cases on LGBT rights, and have experience with planning, advocacy, and representation of our community. Be it equal benefits questions, immigration equality, or international treatment of gays and lesbians, if I can assist you in your case, I will do so with thought, care, and empathy.

I think LGBT citizens have a bright future, if you would like me to advocate for you, please contact us today.