First Time

Hi Readers,

As my work life evolves, I'm going to begin writing bi-weekly blog posts on the intersection of law with politics and pop culture. I'd like to write on the practical application of the law to our lives, so this will often involve taking stories from the news and writing on their legal and ethical significance. It gives me a chance to exercise my mind and correspond with readers on the law.

I also love pop culture and art. If I'm writing this blog well, I think I'm also capturing these aspects of life in my writing as well. Pop culture and art affect us just as much (if not more) as the news. If you as a reader have a question on the law that I can answer, please also don't hesitate. I might write a blog on your specific question, and then have the chance to research more on an area of the law that expands my knowledge. 

I think it's important for attorneys to continue to learn, to know that you don't know, and then to learn more about what you don't know. I think that's part of what this blog will be about: helping clients know more, helping me learn more, and having some fun along the way. Thanks for reading :),